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As a young European, Dave is actively working for the Future. Dave was born in 2000 in the City of Breda in the Netherlands. At the age of five, he moved to Vorarlberg in Austria where he was raised, went to school and graduated. 

In 2019 Dave joined the European Solidarity Crops and did a Gap-Year in Siauliai, Lithuania. He always likes to speak about how life – changing the 10 months were. “Seeing Europe from a complete different view changed my way I see life, the way I work, the way I act”, said Dave in an Interview. As part of the Youth Panel of the European Youth Card Association

Activist for Europe

The European Union has a special Status for Dave. “The Idea of Working Together, Cross-Borders, Cross-Regions on Topics we can’t solve our self, is just genius” so Dave Kock. As his actions founded his own Organization (EUth) is part of the EYCA Youth Panel and does all this in his Spare time. “I do this to make Europe a better place, where young People are being heard, and People that are usually not heard get a voice to speak up!” was his anwser to the question of why he does all of this. 

The Topics he cares about:


He commits his main part of his work to Youth and Young People in and around Europe.

Young People(under 30) make up around 25% of the population of Europe. The EU Parliament has 705 MEPs, 25% would be 176 MEPs under 30. In reality, there are 12 Parliamentarians. (as of July 2, 2019 Source: Members’ Administration Unit). The Austrian Parlament has 183 MPs, 25% would be 45 MPs, in reality there are 4 Parliamentarians  (as of January 9th, 2023, source: Parliament.gv.at – age structure).

“This is a sad reality for young People, so my work is to give those Young People an equal Voice” said Dave Kock.


Connecting to the Future Generation, Dave cares about the Long-Time Future. Voicing Young People’s Concerns for their Future, which were found out via the #STANDFORSOMETHING Campaign in 2021/22. With his in mind he is advocating for Young Peoples Spaces, Opportunities for Young People, the Climate Crisis, Mental Health as well as Education.  

Get Active

Dave says that more Young People should take the lead and speak up. He is creating Workshop and discussion rounds for young Persons to speak up and learn about opportunities they can follow. Like the European Solidarity Crops and Erasmus+.

What do others think of Dave?

AHA - Jugendinformationszentrum
AHA - Jugendinformationszentrum

Monika Paterno


We value Dave as an open-minded young man with a wide range of interests, the current
socio-political issues are important. Dave is a doer who puts the tasks into the
hand, implements it and is willing to spend countless hours for “a good cause”.
He is communicative and is not afraid to speak out in public.


Throughout his time working with EYCA, Dave has developed a wide-range of skills. His
understanding of communication and representation is visible. His approachable and
relatable character has been useful when moderating debates, managing workshops or
exchanging with decision-makers and young citizens. Dave has also shown the importance
of correctly spreading the messages of the campaign, and has worked closely with the
campaign’s coordinators to disseminate relevant information via social media.

Dave is a cheerful and valuable team player. He has provided vital contributions to making
our campaign a success, and I’m certain that he will bring similar qualities to other projects.

European Youth Card Association
European Youth Card Association

Manel Sanchez


Dave's last Projects

Hosi – Bundesländerkongress

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EYCA Youth Panel

EYCA Youth Panel The new EYCA Youth Panel was selected in February 2023. Dave is one of 10 other members of the Panel.  Dave will

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Dave Kock


EU-Activism- Political Activism


I think Europe is facing a forceful split, with Poland and Hungary, Slovenia is also showing signs. It is important that Europe does not fail! Europe is the largest functioning “peace project” on this planet! States that have always quarreled, united under one roof.


Born in the Netherlands
Raised in Vorarlberg (Austria)
Based in Wiener Neustadt (Austria)


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