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As a young European, Dave is actively working for the Future. Dave was born in 2000 in the City of Breda in the Netherlands. At the age of five, he moved to Vorarlberg in Austria where he was raised, went to school and graduated. After his graduation in 2015 he started working as an Internship at Interspar, where he learned the first steps about the world as a worker. 

In 2019 Dave joined the European Solidarity Crops and did a Gap-Year in Siauliai, Lithuania. He always likes to speak about how life changing the 10 month were. „Seeing Europe from a complete different view changed my way I see life, the way I work, the way I act“, said Dave in an Interview. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic starting in march 2020 Dave went back to Austria and continued working from home. 

As IT Team-lead of Europes Larges Covid Testing Area as well as project Manager at Generation Europa, Dave had the oppertunity to grow and learn alot of usefullskills about Leadership, Speaking, Organising as well as working with official Institutions. During his work het got inspired to work alongside Political Institutions as well as the European Union. Dave started early 2022 writing his own Erasmus Projects for Participation and Strategic Partnerships.

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AHA - Jugendinformationszentrum
AHA - Jugendinformationszentrum

Monika Paterno


We value Dave as an open-minded young man with a wide range of interests, the current
socio-political issues are important. Dave is a doer who puts the tasks into the
hand, implements it and is willing to spend countless hours for „a good cause“.
He is communicative and is not afraid to speak out in public.

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Throughout his time working with EYCA, Dave has developed a wide-range of skills. His
understanding of communication and representation is visible. His approachable and
relatable character has been useful when moderating debates, managing workshops or
exchanging with decision-makers and young citizens. Dave has also shown the importance
of correctly spreading the messages of the campaign, and has worked closely with the
campaign’s coordinators to disseminate relevant information via social media.

Dave is a cheerful and valuable team player. He has provided vital contributions to making
our campaign a success, and I’m certain that he will bring similar qualities to other projects.

European Youth Card Association
European Youth Card Association

Manel Sanchez

Director EYCA International

Dave's last Projects

ESK Botschafter Preis 2022

ESK Botschafter Preis 2022 EU Youth Aktivist und Wiener Neustädter Dave Kock hat im Rahmen der Erasmus+ Days Eröffnung im Palais Wertheim den ESK-Botschafter (Europäischer

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Fact Sheet

Dave Kock

IT nerd and EU Fanatic

President EU*th
Project Manager Generation Europa
Freelancer Webdesign

born in the Netherlands
raised in Vorarlberg
based in Wiener Neustadt

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