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Dave's Story

As a European, Dave is actively working for the future of the European Union. He strives for a stronger Union with active citizen participation, emphasizing values from non-discrimination to human rights, and from equality to solidarity. Vocal school students hold a special place for Dave, being one himself. He understands the issues and political views within this group and recognizes the significant underrepresentation of both vocal students in politics, and their susceptibility to fake news and populism. 

Through his work and actions, Dave aims to increase awareness about the European Union, combat myths and fake news, and create a safe space for discussing political issues on an equal footing with politicians. Dave is dedicated to providing opportunities for people to speak up, particularly in advocating for the voices of vocal school students and young adults in the political landscape.

Dave places great importance on non-partisanship in his endeavors. He is committed to fostering collaboration and actively seeks to engage with all political parties. His approach involves inviting representatives from diverse political backgrounds to the table, promoting dialogue, and finding common ground. Dave believes that addressing the challenges faced by the European Union requires a united effort, transcending partisan lines. By prioritizing inclusivity and cooperation, he aims to build bridges between different political perspectives, working towards shared goals for the benefit of the European Union and its citizens.

The Values

Understanding the Values Dave works by is quite simple. Just read the Treaty of the European Union.

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Dave Kock




I think Europe is facing a forceful split, with some countries showing signs to leave, and others to integrate more. I think, it is important that Europe does not fail! Europe is the largest functioning “peace project” on this planet! States that have always quarreled, united under one roof. It’s significant that we take this system, and fix its faults and issues. 


Born in the Netherlands
Raised in Vorarlberg (Austria)
Based in Wiener Neustadt (Austria)


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