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Started Volunteering

In the Year 2014 Dave started volunteerin in the Youth NGO "aha - Jugendinfo Vorarlberg". Dave collected his first experiences in as a Photo & Videographer.

Sep. 2019
Moved to Lithuania

After finishing his Vocalschool-Education as best of Year. He decided to go abroad. He moved to Siauliai, Lithaunia for 7 month and worked in an Radio-NGO.

During this period, Dave himself states that he learned a lot about European History and the differences inside the Union. Understanding the Differences between West & East.

Jul. 2020
Moved to Vienna

After completing his volunteering, Dave moved to the Capital, of one of his home countries, Vienna.

Aug. 2020
Start of the Freelancing

With his experience & learning, Dave became a Part-Time freelancer. Mostly focusing on Project Management, Educational Workshops and Media.

Mar. 2021
Stand for Something

With the beginning of Stand for Something Campaign hosted by EYCA, Dave became an Active member of the Austrian Community. Working on the Topics of Young Engagement, especially focusing on the Vocal-School students. 

In 2021 & 2022 the Campaign became a hit in Austria, with a total of 40 hosted Events. With the Combination of all 16 Partnering Countries, the campaign connected more than 5 Million People across the European Union.

May 2022
Founded EUth

Using the Momentum of the Stand for Something Campaign, Dave created the NGO & NPO "EUth" - Pronounced: European Youth. 

The Focus of this NGO is working with people between 15 and 30, education them what the European Union does for them and creating one of the biggest European Movements in Austria. 

Oct. 2022
ESC-Ambassedor Award

For his work promoting the European Solidarity Corps, and promoting European Exchange with going abroad like Dave did. He was award the ESC-Ambassador Award by state secretary Plakolm. 

Dec. 2022
National Youth Work Award

Together with Andreas Moser, the aha - Jugendinfo and Akzente Salzburg, this group was Awared the National-Award of Youthwork for the Campaign "Stand for Something" 

Jun. 2023
Start of "Steh für Was"

After a successful campaign, EUth with Dave as President started a new Campaign called "Steh für Was" this time aiming only at Austria, and the upcoming EU & National Elections. Only this time not only as Activist, but also as Project-Coordinator.

Jan. 2024
Expansion EUth

Since the Start EUth is growing. Ending 2023 with 25 Events, over 900 Participants, and alot of new Cooperations! Due to this growth, in january 2024 EUth expanded into 4 different branches, into four different regions of Austria.

By 31.01.2024 EUth has these Locations:
EUth Vienna
EUth Loweraustria
EUth Salzburg
EUth Vorarlberg

Still being hold under one NGO and Dave as President

and much more to come!


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