KOCK - IT Services


Starting from the first Ideas until the full page. We support our Customers at every step.


Together we are creating the design of your Website and Social Media appearance.


We put as much effort as possible into helping our Customer to make the best out of their Websites, and also make them as accessible as possible for them!


Having a good Mail and Phone Support is important for every small issue that may appear after time.

To start we only have 

3 Steps

Step 1: First assessment

At the First assessment, we talk about all you and your Company / Association need. We will figure out which components and features your site will need, what's the Goal of the new Website and your Company. This is also the Step where you will receive a Price

Step 2: Collecting & Designing

Step Two is all about the Collecting and Designing. You will recieve a list of things i will need. These are Information like Pictures and Texts. After i receive those, I start working on the Webpage itself.

Step 3: Reviewing and

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Our clients

Driving their Business to the next Level

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