EU Futute Talks

On the occasion of the Conference on the Future of Europe and the European Year of Youth, EUROPE DIRECT Land Salzburg organises together with akzente Salzburg a 3 day conference with young people from Austria and neighbouring EU countries in order to discuss current EU challenges and demands for the future of Europe with Members of the European Parliament.

The EU Future Talks take place on March 25 and can be followed via Livestream. About 50 adolescents from 7 Member States discuss in the Salzburg Parliament the results they elaborated in 4 Workshops – Climate protection and environment, Migration and refugees, European fundamental values, Decision-making level.

Moderation: Franz Grießner, ORF Salzburg
Welcome: Gritlind Kettl, EUROPE DIRECT Land Salzburg

Opening: Wilfried Haslauer, Minister-President of the state of Salzburg

EU Youth Discussion with the following Member of European Parliament:
Herbert Dorfmann, EPP
Hannes Heide, S&D
Thomas Waitz, GREENS
Markus Buchheit, ID


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